Sunday, August 18, 2013

DIY spur of the moment!

I am settling in for my junior year of college and as I was getting my things prepared for classes tomorrow I decided to make my notebooks more unique :) 
I wanted to use my old Free People catalogues to decorate my notebook covers... although I love looking through previous issues, it's nice to put them to use and do something creative! 
Check it out! 
1. Free People Catalouge (anyone you want) 
2. Elmer's Glue
3. Notebook 

Get creative & use the materials you already have! XOXO 


  1. I absolutely love this idea! I'm about to start my junior year of college as well and I think I will be doing this to make taking notes a little bit more exciting :) haha

    1. I am so happy this inspired you, good luck with your junior year of college! Please let me know if you discover any other DIY projects! xo