Wednesday, October 30, 2013

style icons: Olsen ladies

Ashely, Elizabeth, and Mary-Kate Olsen have effortless, awesome, ever changing style! I think it's apporitate for me to feature them on the blog because no matter what season or what city, these ladies always look fresh and offer so much to the fashion world. 
Photo source: Pinterest 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Style icon: Nicole Richie

One of my favorite style icons featured on the blog today, Nicole Richie. A few things I love about her style: 1. Bohemian queen 2. she knows how to layer 3. mixing prints 4. always creating new styling ideas 5. she has a family (& still looks this good) She inspires my outfit choices and always looks so fashionable! 
Here are a few photos I love and I hope they inspire you too ;) Photo source: Pinterest 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Free People Girl: Meadow

Which Free People girl are you? The five Free People girls are Meadow, Candy, Lou, Ginger, & Sandy. On the blog today I am featuring looks for the FP Meadow girl. I think I am a mix of Meadow and Sandy…although I do love ALL the Free People girl looks! (How can you not?!? “Meadow is a true free spirit. Intriguing and enchanting, the understated magic within her rarely goes unnoticed. This dreamer wanders the earth in bohemian looks that channel the beauty of decades past.” >>Description of Meadow on the Free People website<< Here are a few looks for Meadow: 1. Love Lost Embroider Tunic 2. Brume Dress 3. Magic Maxi Skirt 4. Country Fair Velvet Dress 5. Border Tapestry Poncho 6. Indian Summer Boho 7. Backstage Boot
Photo Source:

Friday, October 11, 2013

give me HAIR

This post was inspired by photos I have collected over the years of all different and playful hair styles. Here are just a few  that I wanted to share and even though it's starting to feel like fall outside, these hairstyles could not scream "summer" more! XOXO
Photo source: Pinterest 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Happy October!! Finally it's time for layers and I can never get enough of it this time of year. As usual Pinterest is always inspiring for outfits and styling tips and below are some examples of layering that I just love. My layering essentials:
1. Chunky Knit Scarves 
2. Leggings/Tights 
3. Oversized Sweaters 
4. Tank Tops/Basic Tees
5. Tall Boot Socks 
6. Flowy Tunic (underneath a sweater) 
I hope these photos help inspire your fall wardrobes ;) XOXO photo source: Pinterest