Friday, October 18, 2013

Free People Girl: Meadow

Which Free People girl are you? The five Free People girls are Meadow, Candy, Lou, Ginger, & Sandy. On the blog today I am featuring looks for the FP Meadow girl. I think I am a mix of Meadow and Sandy…although I do love ALL the Free People girl looks! (How can you not?!? “Meadow is a true free spirit. Intriguing and enchanting, the understated magic within her rarely goes unnoticed. This dreamer wanders the earth in bohemian looks that channel the beauty of decades past.” >>Description of Meadow on the Free People website<< Here are a few looks for Meadow: 1. Love Lost Embroider Tunic 2. Brume Dress 3. Magic Maxi Skirt 4. Country Fair Velvet Dress 5. Border Tapestry Poncho 6. Indian Summer Boho 7. Backstage Boot
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