Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free People Me! >>

I hope that all of you have seen or joined FPME! It is one of the best ways to get style inspiration if you are stuck in a rut and gives you a chance to connect with other Free People fashionista's! My Free People Me name is FPKasey. The first photo posted below is the general FPME page that you see when you click on fpme on the Free People website. The second photo is my own FPME page with photos and other information. The last photo is great because when you click on a item (I picked the Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip) and at the bottom of the page there are FPME photos that have been uploaded by other users so you can get inspiration and see size references and color! I love the FPME community because it allows me to express my passion for Free People and gives me an excuse to take photos!! ;) 
Photo Source: Me & FreePeople.com XOXO

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