Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Daze>>

It's a blizzard at home today and my classes are cancelled due to this crazy snow storm! So, it's a perfect opportunity for a new blog post. At work last weekend, I kind of went crazy and bought some of my new favorite pieces for the spring! I am so excited for all these new items because there are endless ways to style them. One of my favorite ways that I can't wait to try out is pairing the shorts with the battenburg bra, perfect for a music festival or the beach! All of these items can be found on and if you would like a size reference, leave a comment below! If you are stuck in this storm, be safe and enjoy it! XOXO Photo Source: 1. Through The Keyhole Colorblock Cami 2. FP ONE Battenburg Bralette 3. Victorian Lace Pullover 4. Sahara Printed Short


  1. LOVE all these pieces.. I just bought that black bralette too! ...and also what is with this snow in the south!

  2. I know, all this snow is crazy! stay warm & safe!